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The individual furniture store in the city of Oldenburg

wohnen + ideen Oldenburg We offer advice, equipment and modern design concepts for your home or your office: furniture, lamps, fabrics, carpets, home accessories. Our range extends from classical furniture, designer system-solutions, to series and extraordinary pieces from smaller producers.

We work out with you a plan for a complete installation system or find solutions for partial areas of existing premises that complement and expand. We provide both renowned furniture manufacturer series and custom fitting furniture.

Our team plans with you and we develop ideas and concepts together. We produce the drawings, so you can get an idea. Of course we would take measures in your home. Together we look over the patterns and material samples, and we discuss the dimensions and proportions – that is our great strength: setting up coustomized work, a process that produces individual solutions.

Our customers should feel good in their homes or apartments. We hope to offer you exactly what you like, what you really want. Our ideas should be as functional as you like. Just as you imagine, so comfortable, so modern, so colorful – in short, what we offer should be exactly what you need.

living + ideas: We sell not only furniture but also ideas!

Dirk Brauer
living + ideas Oldenburg
Herbartgang 12
D-26122 Oldenburg
Tel.: +49 441 248 9 248
Fax: +49 441 / 248 9 233

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